Our Solution

The Early Diagnosis & Monitoring System

We are developing a diagnostic platform for monitoring female hormones both at home and in the medical units. It enables instant and convenient access to real-time health information through a self-serve test where the result will be delivered to your smart phone device.

An evolutionary diagnostic technology which is invented by members of HKUST Entrepreneurship Center, is going to change the world. It would be a new horizon on healthcare solution.

A reliable way to capture the hormone level via urine samples.
Non-Invasive & highly safe for patients
Low-cost comparing with Blood Test
Allowing monitoring
Instant Result
Preventive monitoring

Our Technology

AIE “Aggregation-induced Emission“ is an abnormal photophysical phenomenon, in which molecular aggregation plays a constructive role rather than destructive role in the light emission process.
As the light emission is induced by aggregate formation, we coin this phenomenon as “Aggregation-induced Emission” (AIE).

What makes our solution different?


AUISET's solution is not only a device to detect the hormone level, also along with other parameters to
detect the fertile window accurately in real time.


Unlike the traditional temperature measuring method, which only tells you late even after
ovulated, AUISET provides a solution that can calculate the LH surge on early detection window
that could prepare for having babies in advance.

Time Window Prediction

AUISET adopts the innovative technology to detect LH cycle - giving you and your partner more flexibility planning for babymaking.

Backed by science

AUISET’s tool is created by a team of scientists who commit to advancing scientific and
quantitively approaching of the menstrual cycle.

Our team consists of talented individuals with interdisciplinary professionals sharing a common goal – to commit improving the chance of fertility worldwide. Our team mixes with culture dynamic, fast-paced, energetic, and innovative.

Our Team

Prof. Ben Zhong Tang

Our Founder

Dr. Leo Xie
Dr. Ken Yao

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