About Us

Hi, we are AUISET

Established in 2018, AUISET Biotechnology Co. Ltd. is a Hong Kong based company specializing in “aggregation- induced Emission” (AIE) technology and In-Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) solutions.

The discovery of the famous AIE phenomenon has brought new light to the healthcare world. AUISET is determined to further research and develop AIE-based health solutions focusing on women health, infectious diseases, veterinary diagnostics and laboratory applications. Our first AIE-based product for laboratory application has been launched in 2020.

Our Mission

To create fast, effective and reliable health solutions that both professionals and home users can count on

Our Vision

Be the leading pioneer of AIE based solutions and a key player in IVD technology in Asia

COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test Kits

AUISET has recently tapped into the In-Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) market by distributing COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test Kits.

Besides the traditional nasopharyngeal swab, we are one of the pioneers to provide the New Saliva Test, using oral saliva as test sample, to home users. This shows our determination to bring easy-to-use and reliable innovations that both medical professionals and home users can count on.

HKUST Entrepreneurship
HKSTP Incu-Bio

As a member of HKUST Entrepreneurship Program and HKSTP Incu-Bio Program, AUISET is well connected with experts and talented individuals alike locally and beyond. Together with our team of experts, AUISET has a solid foundation to take on challenges of creating high-value testing and diagnostic technologies, in order to help combat the world’s health issues.


Our team consists of experts with a wealth of knowledge in and a lot of passion for innovation, commercial excellence and operational efficiency.

Prof. Benzhong Tang


  • Distinguished Presidential Chair Professor, Dean of School of Science Engineering, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen
  • Director, Hong Kong Branch of Chinese National Engineering Research Center (CNERC) for Tissue Restoration and Reconstruction, Dept of Chemistry, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)
  • Stephen Kam Chuen Cheong Professor of Science, Dept of Chemistry, HKUST
  • Chair Professor, Dept of Chemistry, HKUST
  • Stephen Kam Chuen Cheong Professor of Science, Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering, HKUST
  • Chair Professor, Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering, HKUST
  • The 1st Pioneer Scholar Discovery AIE by OLED Paper
  • State Natural Science Award, 1st Class, by the National Government of the People’s Republic of China (2017)


Dr. Leo Xie

William Wong

Markus Cheung

Joanna Hui


Want to be a part of AUISET and create IVD solutions with some of the most talented people in Asia? Our team consists of talented individuals with interdisciplinary expertise including biotechnological innovations, commercial excellence and operations etc. If you feel you have something to contribute while there is something in us you want to learn from, let us know!