AUISET Support Graduation Ceremony High in the Sky

The COVID-19 pandemic has been affecting the whole world for over a year. Students need to study from home during in-person class suspension. They have missed time meeting their classmates, or even their graduation ceremony.

Buddhist Wong Cheuk Um Primary School and Buddhist Lam Bing Yim Memorial School jointly organized a graduation ceremony (夢飛翔畢業禮), which was held on a plane flying around Hong Kong. The purpose is to encourage students to follow their dream even in tough times.

Date: Jun 29, 2021
Where: Hong Kong Airport/ the sky of Hong Kong
Who: 200 pax (graduates/ teachers/ cabin crew/ parents/ guests)


AUISET fully support this graduation ceremony to celebrate students’ milestones in a meaningful and creative way. We have provided AUISET COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test Kit – New Saliva Test to all attendees for testing before the event, in order to ensure everyone’s safety.

“… It is not easy to organize a memorable graduation ceremony while keeping everyone’s safety in mind during the pandemic. Thanks to AUISET… the New Saliva Test is very simple to use, which gives our teachers, students and parents to test at home confidently…”

Mr. HUI Ding-Kwok
Principal, Buddhist Wong Cheuk Um Primary School