Our Technology

AIE (Aggregation-Included Emission)

Discovered by a team of experts led by our Founder Prof. Benzhong Tang, AIE has inspired a lot of scientists in the healthcare world. AUISET has been granted an exclusive license by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, to transfer AIE technology for further research and development.


AIE “Aggregation-induced Emission” is abnormal photophysical phenomenon, in which molecular aggregation plays a constructive rather than destructive role in the light emission process. Because the light emission was induced by aggregate formation, we coined such phenomenon as “Aggregation-induced Emission” (AIE). AIE materials have a huge potential to be applied in different areas such as the cancer cell tracking and bacteria labelling for environmental monitoring. Our team takes advantage of AIE technology to develop and advance the traditional rapid in vitro diagnostic kits.

AIE – The New Reliable Rapid Test Agent

  • Very low detection limit
  • High resistance to UV excitation, anti- photobleaching
  • Excellent intermediary in usage of the tools on early diagnosis
  • Proven technology with low cost, high sensitivity & stability

Key Health Solutions

AUISET is determined to further research and develop AIE-based health solutions focusing on

  1. women health,
  2. infectious diseases,
  3. veterinary diagnostics, and
  4. laboratory applications.

Patented Innovations

We now have our own patented innovations, which have been applied to different rapid testing scenarios. Through vertical integration of R&D, production and sales among different partners, our first product for laboratory applications has been launched in 2020 and reached different markets including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mainland China, Vietnam, India and parts of Europe.

AIE-Based Solution For Women Health

No More Guessing...

Traditional Basal Body Temperature/ Calendar Estimation only gives you “guestimated” information based on a general assumption. However, each woman is different. It can accurately detect your hormone level with just a pee on a stick plus a few minute’s time. AUISET provides different proven parameters for early detection of LH surge and LH cycle, which makes planning for babies easier.

Personalized Info Based On What Your Body Tells Us

Your hormone levels and cycles are tracked on an mobile app. AUISET’s backend algorithm can calculate and detect your fertile window, which gives you earlier prediction on your best time of ovulation that enhance the chance of fertility.

Our Solution Does Not Ends With Pregnancy...

Once you get pregnant, AUISET continues to help you assess monitor the hormone level across the whole pregnancy period. Understanding the hormonal change can be helpful in identifying a normal pregnancy or pathologic pregnancy. the risk of miscarriage with detailed explanations .