1. What is Antigen?

Antigens are molecules that exist on viruses or bacteria, including COVID-19. They can usually be detected in the upper respiratory tract at the early stage of infection. By detecting the presence of viral antigens, infected people can be quickly screened out.

2. Antigen Rapid Test is easy, convenient and accurate. Can it replace RT-PCR testing?

Antigen Rapid Test is indeed easy to use. One can view the test result in just 15 minutes. This makes it very suitable for individual testing at home, or mass population screening. However its sensitivity is relatively lower than that of RT-PCR. Antigen test is therefore widely used as initial screening, it cannot replace RT-PCR testing.

Rapid test kit for COVID19 antigen RT-PCR
Time 15 mins Few hours
Operation Simple (can be done at home) Require well-trained professionals to perform the test
Price Comparatively low Comparatively high
Accuracy Highly accurate but not as sensitive as RT-PCR.
May need to double confirm with RT-PCR.
Highly accurate and sensitive.

3. If the result is negative, does it mean I am safe?

A negative test result indicates that there is no antigen found in the sample. A false negative result may be produced when the sample is collected improperly, or when the test was performed incorrectly. You may still have a chance to be in contact with the virus in your daily lives. As a best practice, performing the test once a week is recommended.

4. If the result is positive, what should I do?

This test provides only a preliminary result for COVID-19 infection. If the result is positive, you should consult with a doctor for professional advice immediately.

5. If my RT-PCR test result is negative, do I still need to do antigen test?

RT-PCR test can detect COVID-19 virus accurately. However, like all other tests, it only confirms that there is no COVID-19 virus detected in the sample. This does not mean that you will not get infected after the test. No matter you choose RT-PCR or antigen test, the only way to confirm you are safe is to test regularly. AUISET COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test Kit provides a good way to self-test regularly, as it is fast, convenient, more cost-efficient and no professional assistance is required.

6. When using the New Saliva Test, do I have to collect sample first thing in the morning on an empty stomach?

No. You can run the New Saliva Test any time after rinsing your mouth with clean water, then Cough up secretions deep in the throat.

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