Our Solution

A Personal Hormone Detection Device (PHDD)

by AIE technology
Cycle Tracking

Understand how your cycle impacts your health via daily tracking, trend analysis, graphs, etc. Trend analysis shows you see how your menstrual cycle impacts on your chance of fertility chances.

Minimum Effort

It's just a pee on a stick which takes only a few minutes. Keep tracking your cycle from time to time.

Real-time detection of fertile window

AUISET could provide a proven and an innovative way to detect the fertile window—in an instant way, early prediction with backend database of your personal hormone data. That’s the advanced LH detection tests, with assist of compute calculation on your menstrual cycle of fertile window.

Conceive faster

Couples who have accurate time intercourse could greatly increase their chances of conceiving within a certain month.

Pregnancy tracking

Once you get pregnant, get a whole new experience on accessing the risk of miscarriage with detailed explanations.

What makes our solution different?

AIE Solutions

AUISET's solution is not only a device to detect the hormone level, but also along with other parameters to detect the fertile window accurately in real-time along with other parameters.


Unlike the traditional temperature measuring method, which only tells you are late even after ovulation, AUISET provides a solution that could calculate the LH surge on early detection window that could prepare for having babies in advance.

Time Window Prediction

AUISET adopts the innovative technology to detect LH cycle - giving you and your partner more flexibility on planning for baby making.

Backed by science

AUISET’s tool was created by a team of scientists who committed to advancing scientific and quantitative approaches of the menstrual cycle.

How the AUISET’s solution detects the fertile window?

Our Personal Hormone Detection Device (PHDD) is design for women who want to monitor their hormone for trying to conceive or getting to know their bodies.

AUISET’s solution is a completely unprecedented and innovated method of tracking a woman’s hormone level on daily. While you’re just a pee on a stick with few minutes, your tracking cycle could show on your mobile Apps from time to time. AUISET’s solution provide most accurate data on your hormone level which directly related to your ovulation window. AUISET’s backend algorithm can calculate and detects your fertile window. Earlier prediction on your best time of ovulation that enhance the chance of fertility

AIE vs Calendar Estimation

Calendar estimation is one of most common ways to figure out when ovulation prediction. As typical of a 28 days cycle, can presume that ovulation will occur approximately in the window between Day 12 and Day 16 (notice Day 14 is right in the middle). However, it based on assumptions of 28 days cycle but not exactly for all women under such regular pattern of ovulation.

For Customers

For customers, AUISET’s solution delivers a personalized mobile health dashboard, which stores test results and connects directly with your smart phone. Our algorithm can calculate at backend so that predict your personal ovulation window. For professionals, AUISET’s software provides a platform for managing patient test histories and historical record related to health. The ability to connect with patients for follow-up including consultation and prescription services.

AIE vs Basal Body Temperature (BBT)

Basal body temperature (BBT) is your lowest body temperature in a 24-hour period. The low temperature happens when you sleep. The basal body temperature varies by many factors not just solely ovulation. In most women, that is a slight increase in temperature as she ovulates. The problem of base basal body temperature measurement was varying from person to person. For most women, between 96 and 98 degrees is a normal temperature before ovulation and 97 to 99 after. The changes are small increases. The temperature shift is from 1/10 to 1/2 degree. Charting each day’s temperature will show when ovulation has already happened. This is the way of prediction by reviewing the monthly charts will show the pattern of when ovulation happens.

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