Our Technology

What’s AIE?

AIE “Aggregation-induced Emission” is abnormal photophysical phenomenon, in which molecular aggregation plays a constructive rather than destructive role in the light emission process. 
Because the light emission was induced by aggregate formation, we coined such phenomenon as “Aggregation-induced Emission” (AIE).


“AIE” is an innovative technology

invented by members of HKUST Entrepreneurship Program

Infertile vs Early Diagnosis

Most infertile women were fertile when they were younger. In their early twenties, less than 2 percent of women are infertile. But by their late twenties, 16 percent are infertile, and by their mid-thirties (when, most women will first begin to think about having a child), almost 30 percent are infertile. As the biological clock ages, the chances of fertile drops significantly, no longer be able to get pregnant easily could be a common phenomenon. By combination of AIE with biotechnology, AUISET could figure out a solution on early diagnosis that enhance the chance of fertility.

AIE - Solution of the Problem

  • Very low detection limit

  • High resistance to UV excitation, anti-photobleaching

  • Excellent intermediary in usage of the tools on early diagnosis

  • Proven technology with low cost, high sensitivity & stability

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