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This website is managed and operated by AUISET Biotechnology Co. Ltd. (the company). This website provides content and services in accordance with the following terms of use. Entering or using this website means that you have read, understood and agreed to be bound by these terms of use. AUISET Biotechnology Co. Ltd. and you agree that these terms will be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China (“Hong Kong”) and governed by the laws of Hong Kong. This website reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at its absolute discretion. In case of any disputes, AUISET Biotechnology Co. Ltd. reserves the right of final decision.

1. Products and services are for personal use only
All products and services provided on this website are for personal or company use only. You should not sell or resell any products, services or samples that you have purchased or obtained from our company. If the company believes that the order may violate the company’s terms of use, the company reserves the right to cancel or change the order or the quantity made through this website according to the company’s decision, with or without notice.

2. Order takes effect
(1) This website may reject users’ orders for products ordered through this website for one or more of the following reasons:
a. The order contains false, missing or incorrect information;
b. The order cannot be confirmed due to technical reasons or other reasons beyond the control of this website;
c. The delivery method does not match the delivery address.
(2) You agree that if there are any inaccuracies in the information contained on this website or the product is out of stock, this website has the right to withdraw or revise the relevant information or limit the order quantity of the product. You are responsible for verifying that the order information is accurate when placing an order, including the products ordered and the delivery address.
(3) Only when the order is successfully established and the payment is successfully completed, the order is considered as a successful order, and the order confirmation email shall prevail. If the payment is made but the order is not successfully established, the system may temporarily reserve the authorization for the payment, and we will immediately arrange to cancel the authorization. The credit card center may take 1-2 days to update the relevant arrangements. If the payment is over, we will also arrange a refund as soon as possible.
(4) The delivery fee shall be calculated and charged in accordance with the delivery arrangement of this website and the delivery method selected by the user. This website reserves the right to revise the information on the price and delivery costs without prior notice.

3. Cancel order
(1) AUISET Biotechnology Co. Ltd. reserves the right to cancel the order if the products cannot be provided for any reason or if other reasons cannot deliver a confirmed order. If this happens, AUISET Biotechnology Co. Ltd. will notify you. All cancelled orders will be refunded in the form of paying your credit card equal to the order value.
(2) Once the order is submitted for confirmation, you cannot cancel the order.

4. Return/Refund
(1) Please attach photos of the product in question as evidence when providing information. Once AUISET Biotechnology Co. Ltd. agrees to deal with the situation, the customer must send the product back to the company for verification.
(2) Once verified and confirmed that there is a problem with our company’s products, AUISET Biotechnology Co. Ltd. will arrange for a courier company to deliver the replacement product to you free of charge.
(3) Once verified and confirmed that there is a problem with the company’s products and a refund is required, the company will refund the money you have paid to your credit card bank account (it will take about four to six weeks for processing and arrival).
(4) If the ordered product is sold out, AUISET Biotechnology Co. Ltd. will refund you.
(5) Product returns or refunds are not accepted under the following circumstances:
a. There is no proof of products purchased on this website.
b. The relevant products have not been sent back for verification.
c. The product packaging is incomplete, damaged or obviously stained.
d. Products rejected due to personal preference.
e. In the event of a dispute, AUISET Biotechnology Co. Ltd. reserves the right to make the final decision.

5. Payment method
This website tries to provide different payment platforms to meet the needs of all users.

6. Delivery
This website does not guarantee that the products will be delivered on a specific delivery day, but will arrange packaging and delivery as soon as possible. This website will take all appropriate measures to notify you of the supply and delivery status of the product.

7. Intellectual Property
Unless otherwise specified, all information and content contained on this website, including but not limited to text, pictures, images, logos and soundtracks, belong to AUISET Biotechnology Co. Ltd., an affiliated member, partner or licensor of the company the property of. Any commercial use without the authorization of the company is strictly prohibited, including copying, modifying, distributing and/or transmitting any content or part of it.

8. Third-party hyperlinks
The company is not responsible for the content of any off-site webpage or any other website connected to or connected from this website. The hyperlinks in this website are provided for convenience only and do not represent the endorsement of the hyperlinked website, its content, products, services or suppliers by the company, its affiliates and/or partners of the company. You must bear the risk of connecting to or browsing any off-site webpage or other website. The company will not be connected to or connected from any off-site webpage or any other website content or services or goods provided by this website, or because of the use or reliance of any such content, goods or services provided by the relevant webpage or website Any damage, loss or crime caused or alleged to have caused or related to it shall be directly or indirectly liable, including but not limited to its privacy policy and terms. You should carefully review the terms and privacy policies of all off-site webpages and other websites that you visit or enter through this website.

9. Disclaimer
AUISET Biotechnology Co. Ltd. provides this website, content, products and services according to the current situation, and to the maximum extent permitted by law, will not deal with the operation of this website or service, the content contained in this website or as part of the service Or products, express or implied statements or guarantees of any nature. In addition, the company does not represent or warrant that the information obtained through this website is accurate, complete or current. The selling price and inventory information can be changed without notice.
AUISET Biotechnology Co. Ltd. will not be liable for any loss, damage or injury of any nature caused by or related to the use of this website, to the maximum extent permitted by law. This is a comprehensive liability that applies to all damages of any nature (including but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, punitive or joint damages, loss of data, income or profits, property loss or damage, and third-party claims) limit.

10. General
You confirm and agree that these terms of use constitute the entire agreement between the company and you regarding the use of this website, and supersede and regulate all previous suggestions, agreements or other communications.
The company reserves the right to change these terms of use at any time. Any changes will take effect immediately when they are posted on this website and when a notice of the relevant changes is issued. If you continue to use this website after the period, you agree to all the revised terms of use. The company can terminate/withdraw the rights granted by these terms of use at any time with or without prior notice. You should immediately comply with any termination or other notices, including (if applicable) stop using this website and cancel your account.

11. All terms and conditions are subject to the Chinese version

If customers have any inquiries about delivery, pickup, required fees and procedures, please email to sales@auiset.com