AIE Green conjugated Goat anti-Mouse IgG antibody (AIEGGAM)

AIE Green conjugated Goat anti-Mouse IgG antibody (AIEGGAM)

Key features and details:

Conjugate: AIE Green          Ex: 406 nm Em: 494nm
Species reactivity: Mouse
Host/Isotype: Goat/IgG
Class: Polyclonal
Type: Secondary antibody
Immunogen: Gamma immunoglobins (heavy and light chains)
Western Blot: suitable
Lateral Flow Assay: suitable
Form: Liquid
Buffer: Tris-buffered Saline with 0.05% Tween 20 pH 7.4
Storage: Store at 2-8 °C. Avoid freeze / thaw cycle. Store in the Dark.
Target: IgG
Antibody form: Whole antibody


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General notes:
Formation of precipitate in AIE conjugated antibody is normal. Make sure the precipitate is thoroughly resuspended before use either by (1) Vortexing for 10 seconds or (2) Soaking the antibody in ultrasonic bath for 30 seconds.

Suggested dilution for Western Blot: 1:1000-1:5000
Western blot for the detection of beta LH subunit at different concentration (from left to right, 220 ng to 22 ng). Intact LH protein was loaded and ran into the SDS PAGE gel. After the protein transfer from gel to the PVDF membrane, the membrane was washed with TBST and block with 5% BSA. The membrane was then incubated with mouse monoclonal primary antibody against beta-subunit for LH (1:1000) in TBST with 5% BSA. The AIE Green conjugated Goat anti-Mouse IgG antibody (1/1000X) in TBST with 5% BSA was used to detect the primary antibody on the PVDF membrane. Image was captured by ChemiDoc using Stain Free Blot(Green) and Alexa 647(Blue) channels.


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